The Private Presses of New Mexico

Lasting Impressions: The Private Presses of New Mexico is a journey across two centuries of literary history as it introduces the people of New Mexico’s private press movement, their work, and their tools.

Those who own and operate the private presses have been called the true autocrats of literature. Quietly working in their woodcut studios, at their presses, in their binderies, these skilled artisans involve themselves in nearly every phase of book production. Combining technical know-how with artistic talents, they produce limited edition books, valued as much for their beauty as for their content.

Though the interests and motives of private press owners have varied widely, the majority of those in New Mexico came from similar backgrounds, having developed their skills in commercial publishing before striking out on their own — in spite of the economic folly of it. All have shared an enduring love of the book and a commitment to time-honored techniques. Out of that love and commitment they create works of art that you can hold in your hands.

Lasting Impressions: The Private Presses of New Mexico, an exhibition of six presses, 25 publishers and more than 200 objects and graphics, continues at the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico, through February 7, 2007. Related programs and special events are planned at the Palace and at select museums and public libraries throughout New Mexico.

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